Pinstripe at the ready


Shaking the money tree is not only fun but damn hard work. I am very tired this morning.

I landed an interview/meeting with an agency I have long admired. BKA is a mid to large sized events agency in midtown that has always, to me, seemed like where the cool kids work. After about a year or two of following them on Twitter, Linked-In and other outlets,  I have enjoyed their posts and comments. I also would look at the profiles of their executives on linked-in, one looked back. I saw him on my “Viewer” list and I reached out. He also got his start in life as a film person, so I felt I could mine a connection there.

The irony here, I was not really looking for work (although I am always on the look out for work opportunities. Loving what I do and loving to work, I’m like junky always on hunt for my next hit.) I am always looking for good events people and this person was obviously that, so I instead invited him to send me a resume, but if BKA was ever looking for freelancers, then I would LOVE to “partner” with them. A handful of emails later and POW I am meeting with them on Friday.

Hair appointment made and Pinstripe is at the ready.

After talking yesterday about fear, today’s writing is the result of going for it and being fearless – following your own drum and having faith that people are generally good.

I have the most trouble with the last statement there.. people in my experience run the gamut. Being an outgoing introvert is, umm a challenge. The Manic-depressive feelings it brings are frustrating.. and learning to pace myself with my exposure to people has been key. Like everyone knows that the holidays are going to be gluttonous, I know that a big job is going to require being immersed in people and their personalities. So in the run up, I stay as solitary as possible. Luckily my husband and son don’t factor in as “people”. They are like my batteries, recharging me and my faith. If there is no plan, eventually I kind of overload and have to literally disappear  for a day or two(if you are an introvert, you know what I am talking about).. not good in a freelance, people driven business. Ah, the situations we put ourselves in to teach us to cope. The subconscious and the Universe definitely have a sense of humor.

Have to go for now. Thank you


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