Lessons from the Edge

So, you’re the new guy to a seasoned team. Your young and ambitious and feeling like you want to make your mark. After all, the big bosses are watching.

Let me suggest not putting the project into the blender and hitting whip. Hang back, make yourself useful, keep asking what you can do to help and try it the tried and true way the team has established first. Keep notes and after the project is completed, in post-mortem, add your suggestions.

Bottom Line: Your new team will not only feel respected, you might learn a thing or two.


Crew Are People Too


Lessons from the Edge

The great Jeff M. and his amazing EMT crew

As a daughter of a union organizer, how my crew and my employees are treated is very important to me. It is not just a moral or integrity issue with me, it is also a quality issue.

A crew that is well paid, fed, had a decent turn around in a habitable hotel and feels they are respected; work harder, give more and are more willing to go that extra bit to make sure your event, project, whatever is perfect. They also are more likely to be loyal.. not just to the person who hired them, but to the brand they are working for. Collaboration and teamwork are what make a great event. All parties working together for the common goal.

In the recent past I worked with a client that insisted on treating all of us like the “hired help”. While some of this was cultural, all of it was unnecessary. This behavior made all our jobs much harder. The effect this had on the morale was palpable and it was difficult getting to the goal line. The event went off smoothly and the client in the end was happy, but at a cost.

For those out there who’s management style looks more like a Feudal System.. a word of warning, your employees, crew or whomever you rely on to keep you at the top, will take their pound and when the invaders come.. you will be standing alone.

Bottom Line: It’s the 21st Century and “Team” is the ruling philosophy.

Is it fun? Duh ..

Lessons from the Edge

One of the things I get asked all the time is, “Why do you do whatever it is that you do?” My answer, “It’s Fun.” Being a business owner, an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a work a day guy is not easy. Work is called work for a reason BUT we spend a majority of our lives at it. Making deadlines, hitting margins and moving your business forward are all better served if you like what you are doing. When you are having fun with what you do, you are more efficient, more pleasant to be around – I know I am –  and generally more successful.

There are bad days and bad moments- sure – but, overall ask yourself – Is what I do fun? Do I like it overall?

If the answer is yes then Congratulations! If the answer is no, then it’s time to start working on a plan for change. There are a lot of free college courses online from some of the best universities now and sites like General Assembly ( that can help get you to where you want to go.

Bottom Line: Everyone should be able to answer, “Because it’s Fun.”

The Begining

10433075_10152527244942049_7538247378482333601_nSo this is post one..

When I was a girl I would keep a journal and I would always write, “Dear Journal”. Having someone to write to seemed some how easier, like I was telling my story to someone. Those entries are mostly complaints and frustrations but they were a valuable outlet. I am hoping this will be the same. Whether or not I publish this for the world t read or not os still in debate.. I really want to be doing this for me and wanted a safe place to write about some pretty personal stuff, but it seems anything goes these days.

Naked honesty at least in flavor seems to be all the rage right now. I have to wonder if it is actually though. Most people I don’t think really want to hear that the dress they are wearing, the new hair cut, the new or old lover etc. is not par excellance.. and overwhelmingly approved by the tribe.. so honesty with limits I guess then.

This leads me to the whole political mess right now.. Trump really? How can so many people be so bedazzled by celebrity that what this man says, does and represents is winning in Iowa? Are we all so entranced that the reality of the situation is the dream? All the republicans truly scare me though.. I mean like really scare me. I now have a serious distrust of the balances in the house and congress.. They are delusional and don’t seem to have any connection to reason or reality.. I would say that they have all gone completely mad but I wonder if they were always this way and now they are just allowed to spew their weird at liberty ’cause SM and the Media eat it up.. Sensationalism seems to have taken over rationality. Do we throw away Civil rights, Person privacy, the environment, the middle class, education and all social safety nets because someone can use hyperbole well? I fear for the next four years and I fear for our world in general.

I wonder if as we get older if we notice and take in more of the world around us. Every generation that hits mid-age, do they all feel the same about the world, mad, through out time? Is this just a developmental thing, like when an infant all of a sudden can discern color or a toddler starts noticing busses and trucks everywhere? I remember my dad at about this age was obsessed with talk radio, Rush was a constant sound track, and my mother had the TV news on ALL the time.. I mean the TV was on from 4pm – 11pm with news every weekday.(Thank god they did not live in the same house) They would always say they thought the world had gone mad.. so I wonder if I am just reaching the age when the world is mad and eventually (hopefully) I will get to the place my GG-pa is and not care anymore. Being a healthy 96 year old has it’s definite perks.

It makes me so very sad that we are more concerned with Kardachian asses than even to the good things that are real and happening right NOW. I saw the other day an iPhone cover designed for infants to look at – it is black and white and designed to stimulate them like the mobile over their changing table .. Excuse me? But how about put your F’n phone down and pay attention to this moment, right now, cause I can tell you from experience they turn 13 tomorrow and don’t want you to cuddle anymore…

The trick here is going to be to write as if I am writing to myself and not to an audience. That is what is going to be the most challenging I think. I have been “Social Media” minded now for too long. I would write in a good old fashioned paper diary, but I can’t write as fast as I can type – sad I know.